Games and Toys

In a world full of plastic, wooden games are prized. The products you will find here are enduring games and puzzles that have been played for decades.

  • This delightful piggy bank cheerfully greets deposits. And it's large belly can hold many coins! This treasure is carefully hand-crafted from American-grown wood. The body is a glowing maple. The curly ears and tail are made from beautiful walnut. 8"L x 6"H
  • Bring the pioneer days into your home with this delightful log cabin bank, made from hardy maple. A coin slot on top makes it easy to stash away simple savings, and a wood covering on the bottom slides open to release coins. 5.25"L x 4.25"W x 5.25"H
  • Wood Name Train

    Looking for a personalized gift for your newest nephew? Your granddaughter who lives across the country? This name train is pulled by an engine and followed by a caboose. But those cars in between can say any name you choose. Made from poplar. 2" letters
  • Who doesn't love a winding wooden train? Chugging through the house. Ferrying cargo across a windowsill. Taking a tour beneath the Christmas tree. Made from poplar. This wooden train includes an engine, a caboose and 4 cars as described below. - Coal car - Log carrier with 9 removable logs - Tanker - Open car with 11 removable mini barrels 36"L x 3"W x 4"H
  • Watch this cute roller car flip off one end and keep racing its way down the five storied race track. Durable assembly with metal (not plastic) and poplar, with a smooth finish. 15"L x 4"W x 18"H Includes 4 roller cars
  • Red's in the lead! Blue pulls ahead! This vertical five-story car race track includes six wooden cars on two side by side lanes. Durable assembly with metal (not plastic) and poplar, with a smooth finish. The race is on! 15"L x 7"W x 18"H Include 6 cars - 3 blue and 3 red.
  • Can you hear the sound of a marble rolling down a wooden track only to hit the end and drop onto the next level? It's an old fashioned song to the ears from days gone by. We invite you to display this on your desk at work where an occasional trip down the tracks will ease the strain and rush of the day. 12"L x 1"W x 8"H Includes 10 mini marbles.
  • Your eyes will enjoy the ride down this marble race. The back and forth construction is clean and quick. Who will win? You get to find out! Made from poplar. 24"L x 3"W x 18"H Includes 10 marbles.
  • This Double Marble Race zooms marbles side by side down a dizzying 7 ramps. Who wins? Results are yours to discover as you race and tweak your strategy. Hours of racing fun await you. 24"L x 4"W x 18"H Includes 10 marbles.