Farm Toys

Teach your child about life on a farm by treating them to a miniature piece of farm equipment. With it they will be able to till the fields, bring the harvest in and feed the animals. These toys are blank slates – waiting to have stories told and lives built with them.

  • Farm life requires a lot of haulin' - water, grain, chicken feed. Even mini farms need buckets. Includes a large 2" bucket and a small 1" bucket. Made from poplar with sturdy metal handles. Large - 2" Small - 1"
  • In a cool corner of the cellar, stand a barrel, a drum and a can. When Grandma sends you down to find a snack, you grab a pickle and sprint back up the stairs. Cellars can be full of cobwebs! But important pantry supplies like oil and milk too. This set of storage vessels holds the essential ingredients for your farm kitchen. Made from poplar. Approx. 1.75"H
  • Can't have your farm animals running all over the neighborhood. This Rail Fence will keep them right where you want them. Each section has a sturdy base so each piece can stand on its own. Includes four sections. 8"L x 3"H Horse is not included.
  • Plenty of hay for all the hungry farm animals. We're talking top grade alfalfa here. Stack em', haul em', store em' and do it all over again the next day. Made from poplar. Includes 25 hay bales. 2.25"L x 1.25"W x .75"H
  • Horses are tough but sometimes the weather is tougher. Here is a horse shelter to keep your horses cool and dry. Or again, if your mini farm includes other animal friends, they too will find a welcome respite in this shelter. Made from poplar. Horses not included. 13"L x 7"W x 7"H
  • 6 feet of foldable fence for your fields. Whatever you need to fence in, we can help. Made from poplar. 6 feet long x 4" high
  • In the corner of every barn you will find bags of grain for the various farm animals that live there. These bags are all hand sewn from authentic cotton ticking. Your mini horses and cows will be happy to spy these in the barn! (Not filled with actual corn, but with rice. Just don't tell the critters!) 3" x 1.5" Set of 6 bags