Tales from Loren Beachy, Amish Columnist

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Tales from Loren Beachy

Loren Beachy is a young Amish man living in the Indiana Amish community. A man of many talents, Loren earns his living as a construction worker, school teacher, a columnist, and his favorite of all, as a licensed auctioneer. We hope you enjoy his unique perspective and his wonderful sense of humor.

Amish buggy

Just shy of six foot tall, built like a brick house, Affable Abe is a man you would like to know.

Amish Christmas in Pennsylvania

20 young Indiana Amish folks pile into two fans for an Amish Christmas in Pennsylvania.

Amish letter to Barack Obama

Loren writes an open letter to President Obama on how bicycling will save America.

Amish Man's Hat

What happens when a bunch of Amish bachelors get together at the Single Boys Gathering?

Amish bachelor's buggy

His sister worries he'll remain an Amish bachelor because he isn't married at the age of 23. Hmm...

Amish girl running

Here is the story of Wisecrack Wanda, who has her Amish schoolhouse in a tizzy.

Amish horse auction

Loren's idea of a working vacation? A trip to a North Carolina horse auction!

Amish bicyclist

Loren likes to consider himself a lean, mean bicycling machine, but we'll let you decide.


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