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Cedar Bird Feeder - Product Image
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Cedar Bird Feeder   

Item: CW024   
Price:  $39.00 
Roof Color  
Welcome your feathered friends to come have a meal at this handsome solid cedar bird feeder. With perches on both sides, there is room for many! And with clear sides you can easily see when it is time to refill and the birds know there is plenty to eat! The roof lifts off to easily add the feed. Because cedar is a natural deterrent against insects, this sturdy dwelling will last for years to come!

12" x 9" x 11"H

Roof color choices are green, red, blue, brown, gray or it can be left unpainted in its natural cedar color.

Made from solid cedar grown in America. Bottom is pine. Coated with an outdoor sealer.

This cedar bird feeder is made in the USA.