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Amish Pillowcase Doll - Product Image
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Amish Pillowcase Doll   

Item: EV010   
Price:  $59.00 
Amish pillowcase doll with hand-emboidered sleeves. Amish pillowcase doll with hand-crocheted sleeves. Amish pillowcase doll with buttons up the back of the dress.
This beautiful pillowcase doll is hand-made by two dear friends. Emma makes the doll then passes it on to Ruby, who skillfully embroiders the dress and crochets lace for the skirt and sleeves. After many years of experience, this wonderful team creates these cherished pillowcase dolls with meticulous attention to detail.


16" doll length x 8" wide
23" total length with dress
Cotton fabric

Each doll is made-to-order and takes four to six weeks to complete.

This Amish-made doll was made in the USA.