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Amish Boy Doll - green shirt - Product Image
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Amish Boy Doll - green shirt   

Item: EV008   
Price:  $42.00 
This traditional, face-less Amish doll makes a beautiful display piece to add warmth to any room. It is hand-made with quality materials and carefully sewn and even the hat is hand-made. Drawing on years of experience sewing quilts and her own clothing, Ruth puts loving care into every one of her creations. This handsome doll comes as shown with shirt, pants vest and hat.

Fabric is a quality poly/cotton blend.

17" high from foot to head
14" wide with arms open

Why do Amish dolls have no face? There is no set answer for this question, but many possibilities! Starting back in America's pioneer days, dolls were often made from corn husks and did not have faces. It may also spring from the Amish tradition of following the second commandment (Exodus 20:4) where God says, "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing". It also would prevent the pride issue of who has the prettiest doll. Today, the faceless doll is more a tradition than a practice as most dolls in Amish homes have faces. Dolls are costly and time-consuming to make by hand, so most have inexpensive store-bought dolls. Mothers and daughters work together to make Amish-style clothes to dress them.

This doll was made in the USA.