Christina, an eleven-year-old Old Order Amish girl from Michigan, was kind enough to sit for a series of photographs while her mother, Mary, pinned up her hair. Like most Amish females, she has never cut or trimmed her hair. Amish women pin their hair into buns, and then cover their heads with a prayer kapp, following Paul’s instruction to women in 1 Corinthians 11:5 to cover their heads. The idea is that one should always be prepared to pray, and one should be prayerful throughout their days.

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Heavy-duty Amish hairpins available in straight or crinkle in a variety of sizes.

We have heavy-duty Amish hairpins available in straight or crinkle-cut in a variety of sizes.

Mary begins by combing out Christina’s hair. She pulls the hair back away from her face and behind her ears, then fastens her hair on both sides of her head with barrettes.

Mary begins by combing out Christina's hair.
She places barrettes on the right and left side of her head.
When finished, Christina's hair is pulled back behind her ears, ready for a ponytail.

Next she binds her hair into a ponytail using a simple hair band. The ponytail must be tight and close to the head.

Amish mother gets a band ready to put Christina's hair in a ponytail.
Amish woman pulls Christina's hair through the band.
Amish woman wraps the band around her hair several times.
One more wrap ought to do it...