Here come the Hoosiers! We roll into David Zook’s driveway in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in two vans loaded with twenty of us, ages twenty to twenty-seven, slightly shy of eight o’clock, Christmas Day 2010. Pennsylvania folk are waiting for us. Young people are there along with some older, married brethren. This “singing” is held in the loft of a barn which is nicely fixed for such doings with a kitchen, bathroom, and a large open area. They welcome us cordially and before long the singing is under way. They sing some German songs, along with some English. It is quite interesting to note the similarities and differences in their songs and ours. Singing in four-part harmony seems to be much more prevalent in their community than in ours. They are skilled at it.

After the singing and some snacks, we have opportunity to chat with some of the folks that are present. Then it’s game time. A big game of Ships Ahoy gets under way. Ships Ahoy is played on the floor and involves oversized cards, fast thinking, and quite a bit of physical action. It is like a giant version of