Pens of the Plain People

In this section we feature articles written by the Amish, sometimes referred to as the “Plain People” for their simple, uncluttered lives. Things may appear to be quiet and uneventful, but as you’ll see, life among the Amish can be colorful, exciting and a lot of fun!

The Life of a Coal Stove our very own Viola Hello! It is a pleasure to meet you. I am the family heat source. I am known as the Coal Stove and I take my job very seriously. As long as I am well care for and adjusted properly, everyone in my home is warm and comfortable during those [...]

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The Phone Shack Adventure an Amish woman named Linda We Amish have a separate outbuilding where we keep our telephone, which we call a phone shack. Having the phone out nearer the road makes it convenient to share with our neighbors, which cuts down on the cost. I find keeping the phone outside helps keep our home [...]

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How to Sew an Amish Dress our very own Viola. Today I set aside time to make a new suit of clothes. A suit includes a dress, cape and apron. In my community suits are made of all one fabric and color (customs vary from community to community). Suits are worn by the girls and women to weddings and [...]

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