Amish Biographies

Our vast network of Amish crafters lead interesting lives. Here you can learn more about the people who create the wonderful crafts featured on Amish Workshops.

Loren Beachy: Teacher, Writer, Auctioneer

As a young Amish man in his mid-twenties, Loren Beachy, the author of our feature articles, has already realized several of his dreams. The eldest of nine children, as a young boy he would accompany his father to the horse auctions in Mt. Hope, Ohio. The Mt. Hope auctions are huge and hundreds, if [...]

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John the Birdhouse & Bird Feeder Builder

John, the craftsman responsible for our outstanding line of Poly-wood® birdhouses and feeders, grew up with 12 brothers and sisters on a 120-acre farm. Like many Amish men, his father was a true man of the earth who raised cows, hogs and chickens. He also grew corn and hay, and for several generations his [...]

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Marlin the Amish Farrier

“Ever since I was a little shaver, I have loved horses and ponies and dreamed of doing this work.” That’s how Marlin describes how he found his career as an Amish farrier. He is a specialist in the treatment of equine foot care, trimming and re-shoeing their hooves. He is half blacksmith and half [...]

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