MaryAnn asks…

I am curious to know if the Amish women ever wear make-up?

I cannot speak for all Amish women since each one is their own individual person, but from my experience most Amish women do not wear make-up. The reason is because make-up is put on for vanity, and we are to be humble. Make-up is to enhance your features, which doesn’t lead to a humble heart. The Bible tells us that God doesn’t look to man’s appearance but at the heart. Psalms 147:10-11. Another reason might be that make-up is an unnecessary expense in time and money.

Sara asks…

At what age do girls learn to iron, wash, cook, etc? Are boys taught these things too or are they considered women’ s work?

Most Amish girls begin to learn the basics of washing, ironing and cooking around nine or ten years of age. Most do not do these tasks alone until they are a bit older.

Helping Mother with the work begins when children are small. Helping wash dishes or other simple chores at four or five years of age, then adding chores with more responsibility as the development of the child progresses is good training. It is part of helping children grow up into healthy, productive adults. Teaching a good work ethic is important for the child’s future.

Sara also asks…

An Amish man helps his wife in the kitchen by shelling peas.Do Amish men help in the kitchen?

It depends on the household whether boys learn to wash, cook and clean. If a family lives on a farm, it is possible the boys never learn these skills because they are busy outside.

My brothers all learned a little bit about cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing so that they could help their wife if she were sick, or had a baby, etc. Those are also good skills for bachelors.

Leslie asks…

How do the Amish ladies get it all done? Their homes are always so clean, the garden, chickens, etc. are all their responsibility. Not to mention food prep and laundry. Do they have a set schedule or does it all just come naturally? I’m really wondering about details. After all, they have the same 168 hours each week that we all do and still they accomplish so much!

I think most Amish ladies would tell you there are times when they don’t get it all done. They would also tell you they couldn’t get it all done without the help of the whole family.

Amish women don’t have the distractions of television, computers, cell phones, etc. to take up time. Most do not work outside the home, which also helps.

Having set days to do the laundry, cleaning and other chores is one way of organizing time.

If an Amish woman has more work than she can handle she might hire a maut – a young teen girl who hires out as a mother’s helper for household help.

Donna asks…

Do the Amish visit the grave site (after the funeral) of family members who have died? Can they leave flowers?

Yes, we do occasionally visit, although it is not a common practice. Sometimes a person may bring flowers from their garden. If there is a funeral, people will often visit other grave sites while they are there. We try to remember that death is a part of life and not cling to the grief. However, we do value our families and love to retell stories of loved ones who are no longer with us. My mother’s friend likes to gather a group of friends once a year to visit her parents’ grave site and reminisce.