Among the Amish

The Amish are some of the friendliest people we know, yet their quiet ways and plain outward appearance gives outsiders the impression that they unapproachable or unsocial. In this section we share stories from the non-Amish, or "English" as the Amish refer to the rest of us.

Vintage Amish child's shoes.

The story of an Amish auction, a bidding war, and a precious pair of shoes.

Amish Buggy

Planning a visit to the land of horses and buggies? Get tips for how to drive in Amish Country.

How Amish Women Pin Up Their Hair

Christina sat quietly while her mother demonstrated how Amish women pin up their hair.

Amish Farrier

It was early in the morning and freezing cold when we got to watch an Amish farrier at work.

Amish Man's Hat

Way back in 1985 a young man from California made friends with an Amish family.

Amish Chickens

They say pride comes before the fall, right? Read the exciting tale of the Great Chicken Wrangler.

Frozen Amish Laundry

Clothes have to be washed in the middle of winter, but how do the Amish handle frozen laundry?

Amish Lantern

Saying grace before meals in an Amish home is a quiet, solemn event. Learn more...

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