Amish Articles

In this section we offer articles written by Amish writers, as well as our own stories and reminisces. Enjoy!

Notes from the Plain People

The Life of a Coal Stove

Hello! It is a pleasure to meet you. I am the family heat source. I am known as the Coal Stove and I take my job very seriously. As long as I am well care for and adjusted properly, everyone in my home is warm and comfortable during those cold winter months. Sometimes though they forget to empty my ash pan and then I can hardly breathe, much less heat any amount of space. At other times they forget to adjust my so-called thermostat properly and boy do I get... (continued)

Tales from Loren Beachy

An Amish Bachelor's Life

“I guess my children just won’t have any cousins!” The words of my 13-year-old sister Grace, expressing her utter despair over my prospects of ever finding a wife and raising a family. I am now 23 years old with no girlfriend. I think I remember reading somewhere that the average Amish boy marries at age 22 and the girls usually hitch up at about 20. Given that most Amish couples go steady for approximately two years before tying the knot, that puts me about three years behind... (continued)

Among the Amish

In the Beginning

"Can I talk to him?" My uncle looked over his shoulder at the elderly Amish gentleman and said, "I don't know why not!" We were sitting at the counter of a country diner, having lunch on a chilly February day. I was just 22 years old, visiting my grandmother who lived in the little town. The old man had come in and removed his coat and hat, and after the waitress took his order I asked my uncle again if he was sure. I had seen Amish people on my visits in the past, but... (continued)