In 1985 a young man from Southern California met an Amish family in the Midwest. What began more than 35 years ago as a pen-pal relationship with one family has evolved into a business relationship with dozens of hard-working, meticulous wood workers, metal workers, quilters, weavers, and more.

The products found on are hand-crafted by Old Order Amish. Because we say “Amish made”, it is very important to us (and to our Amish suppliers) that our products are truly Amish-made. Although not every single element of these crafted items is Amish-made (for example, nuts and bolts or fabric might be produced in a factory), we strive to ensure that only Amish people create the items we sell. We note exceptions to this rule in product descriptions, but if you have questions about the production or materials in any of our products, please don’t hesitate to write to us.

The Amish value hand-crafted products and many create items for sale or for practical home use, but these wonderful treasures are usually found only in the nooks and crannies of Amish country. With this site we bring many of these creations to you by going from workshop to workshop, finding quality hand-crafted Amish goods.

Most of the photographs you see on this site were taken in Amish living rooms, kitchens, workshops, and barns. From our perspective, the experience of entering an Amish home is extraordinary, even after several years of visiting with the many families we’ve come to know and love.

Our Amish friends and their lifestyle has had such a positive influence on us, and our hope is that all of you can benefit from such an experience as well. With this in mind, we have many Amish articles to give you an opportunity to step into the Amish world. Please take a moment, sit down and stay for a nice, long visit as you read about a life that will hopefully inspire peacefulness, laughter, and encouragement. We hope you enjoy our Amish crafts and the articles we offer on our site.

An Amish kitchen with a white gas lantern.