Amish writer, teacher, and auctioneer Loren BeachyAs a young Amish man in his mid-twenties, Loren Beachy, the author of our feature articles, has already realized several of his dreams. The eldest of nine children, as a young boy he would accompany his father to the horse auctions in Mt. Hope, Ohio. The Mt. Hope auctions are huge and hundreds, if not thousands, of people attend every year. While at the auction, Loren admired the songs of the auctioneers and dreamed of being an auctioneer when he grew up. Thus Loren spent many playtime hours standing on the swing-set platform with a toy hammer for a gavel, auctioning off thousands of horses.

When Loren was in the third grade his family moved from Ohio. His dream lived on and at 18 Loren passed the test to become a licensed auctioneer. Since then he has built up a part-time business as an auctioneer and enjoys himself immensely from his podium.

Loren’s other loves are teaching and writing. After having worked in a factory and construction jobs for three years, he was invited to teach in a one-room Amish schoolhouse, teaching grades 1-8. It didn’t take long to discover he loved the job and thoroughly enjoys his time teaching the kids.

As for writing, Loren got his start as a published author writing bi-weekly columns for a widely-read newspaper serving his surrounding area. Loren also enjoys reading, sports and traveling. “Traveling is a great way to meet people,” he says, “and provides excellent writing material.”

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